The Fiber :

  • The alpaca is the lord of the Peruvian Andes. There are more than four million alpacas in Perú where, since the earliest times, the species has shared its existence with people of the Andean steppes, people who are the traditional herdsmen of these useful animals.
  • There is no other natural fibre that occurs in so many different colours. Each animal produces a fleece weighing between 1,5 and 2,0 kilos and average fibre fineness varies between 15 and 28 microns. This makes alpaca a favourite material for handcrafted or industrial textiles, either pure or in blends.


A somewhat unknown fiber

Alpaca has been used in textiles for millennia in the Andes Mountains of South América and tought-out recent history by the most discriminating designing houses on the planet. Alpaca is synonym of excellence, comfort, softest, durability and luxury.

Everything Alpaca

uses the highes quality alpaca available, less than 10% of all the raw Alpaca fiber qualifies to be used by our company in our line of knitwear garments and fabrics. Consistently we utilize the finest (<3% availability) Royal Baby Alpaca.

About Alpaca (animal)

Alpaca is a South American camel cousin of the llama, the vicuña and the Guanaco. Alpacas are gentle animals that live high in the Andes Mountains of South America, 12 000 Ft above sea level. At this altitude the animal has adapted to a severe.